The H-1B 2015 filing date for FY 2016 is quickly approaching. Because of how competitive this year will be, it is essential that individuals applying for an H-1B visa this year ensure that their filing is completed error-free. Keep reading for some useful tips for filing an H-1B visa in 2015.

When Should I File my H-1B Visa Petition?

FedEx has publicly stated that it will be making adjustments in staff and internal operations in order to handle the influx of petitions being sent from all over the U.S. It is important to remember that the large amount of petitions may cause a problem for FedEx operationally, which has happened in previous years. It may be a good idea to consider filing petitions so that they arrive on April 2 or 3 in order to avoid this potential processing nightmare.

Qualifying for the H-1B Visa Lottery

Sometimes the early bird doesn’t get the worm. Cap-subject H-1B petitions will be rejected is they are submitted for delivery before April 1, 2015.
In past years, USCIS has relied on an H-1B Visa lottery system which allows petitions that were not included in the original cap a chance to qualify. If there is a H-1B lottery this year, all cap-subject petitions that are received during the first five business days would be included in the lottery. This means that if the numerical limit is reached during the first five business days, USCIS will conduct random selection of all petitions subject to certain exemptions.

Experience Ensures the Best Possible Results

Although there are many immigration attorneys who offer H-1B visa services, it is essential to entrust your case to a firm that has the ability to properly manage your case processing from the legal and operational perspectives. Unfortunately, immigration law firms that do not have a reliable strategy for filing H-1B visa petitions have been known to make costly errors that can lead to a rejection. Our operations have allowed us to successfully process H-1B visa petitions error-free for over a decade. If you are interested in hearing about how we can help you ensure the best possible results for your case, send us a message online or give us a call today.

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