Arlington, VA Immigration Attorneyyou’ve come to the right place. The immigration process is complicated and very limited in scope, so you need someone who can both help you navigate the process and keep you informed as to progress. Arlington immigration attorney Beeraj Patel is more than just a provider of basic immigration legal services, he will rely on his extensive local immigration experience to walk you through every step of the process until you legally reside in Arlington, VA.


High Quality Immigration Services

Mr. Patel has a track record of providing high-quality immigration services with proven success. Over the past ten years, Beeraj Patel has: processed over a thousand H-1B visas, a temporary visa for workers who hold a “specialty occupation;” strategically planned over 500 PERM Labor Certification Cases; and has extensive experience securing EB-5 investment visas and F-1 and J-1 student visas. Given his well-rounded practice, you can count on Attorney Patel to forcefully advocate on your behalf during the immigration process. (See the list of full services offered by KPPB Law)

Local Immigration Experience in Arlington, VA

Even though immigration is mostly covered by federal law, it is important to find an attorney, like Beeraj Patel, with specific experience in Arlington, VA immigration matters. With over a decade of experience in immigration law, Mr. Patel knows how to effectively navigate both the local courts and resources of Arlington, VA. For example, KPPB Law has experience handling cases in the Immigration Court of Arlington, VA and working through various other local immigration providers, such as Hogar Immigration Services.

Access to Immigrant Services and Benefits in Arlington, VA

In Arlington, you will find a local community full of resources to help you transition to your new life in the United States. With a foreign born population of 23.2% from 2008-2012, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, Arlington has a supportive network of residents who have been in your shoes before and are ready to welcome you. Moreover, the local government has a number of policies and legislation designed to make your transition more seamless. (E.g., Free Citizenship Classes.) Finally, Arlington has a number of non-profit organizations that specifically support immigrants to help you get started on the right track.

Committed and Personalized Representation

If you are a worker, student, investor, or IT business needing immigration legal services in the Arlington, VA area, Beeraj Patel is here to help you. As a first-generation American himself, Mr. Patel understands why immigration is so critically important not only to those who want to come make a better life in Arlinton, VA, but also to the Arlington itself, which greatly benefits from new talent and investments that flow from the immigration process. In addition, KPPB Law speaks your language – whether that be English, Hindi, or Gujarati; there is no need to rely on a third-party interpreter, who may or may not be familiar with legal terms, when KPPB Law can communicate directly with you.

Seamless Visa and Green Card Processing with Frequent Updates

As an experienced Arlington, VA Immigration Attorney, Beeraj Patel strives to handle all of the complicated and intricate details of your immigration case. This is increasingly important given that the U.S. immigration laws and regulations only provide visas or Green Cards to the few of many who apply. Therefore, you need an attorney like Mr. Patel that can create an effective application and quickly file. Moreover, Mr. Patel understands that immigration is a major life-changing event and, therefore, that most of his clients going through the process want to understand the underlying details. KPPB Law is committed to providing you with the information you need to understand your legal options and the path towards immigrating to Alexandria, VA.

Immigration Attorney Beeraj Patel Is Eager to Help You Immigrate to Arlington, VA

You want to come to Arlington, and Mr. Patel wants to help you get there. KPPB Law is here to take care of all of your immigration needs while providing you with a customized and personalized legal experience. You can rely on Beeraj Patel to advocate on your behalf and make Arlington, VA your new home as soon as possible. All you need to do is contact KPPB Law or call 703-594-4040 to schedule a consultation and discuss your immigration status today.

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