The L-1B Visa enables a U.S. Company to transfer their employees who have specialty occupations relating to their business. This visa enables employees to come to the United States with their dependents and work.  Below are some of the most common questions surrounding the L-1B visa:


What Type Of Companies Are eligible to Get Employees L-1B Visas?

It must be a company in the United States that employees people at a branch, subsidiary or as part of a joint venture with a company that employees individuals outside the United States.

What Is Considered A Specialty Occupation?

A person must have a bachelor’s degree and employment that requires specialized knowledge or experience. A person can also have specialized knowledge from work experience that is equal to a bachelor’s degree. A person must also meet any licensing requirements for the jurisdiction in the United States where they will be working.

How Do You Begin The Application Process For A L-1B Visa?

A Labor Condition Application (LCA) is filed with the Department of Labor. Then a petition should be filed with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) using their form I-129. This form needs to be completed using black ink and have all original signatures in blue ink. It needs to be submitted with all requested supporting documents.

What Is The Cost For Getting An L-1B Visa?

The cost will be determined by the size of the applicant’s employer. An organization with under 25 employees will be required to pay USCIS $2,000 for the petition. Should an organization have 25 or more employees, they will be required to pay USCIS $2,750 for the petition. The employer will also have to pay $325 as a filing fee and a $500 fee for Fraud Prevention and Detection. There will also be a consular visa processing fee. This is usually an amount equal to $100 in local currency.

How Long Is The Approval Process For An L-1B Visa?

The volume at the USCIS location will determine the exact amount of time required to process the petition. Between three and six months is the usual processing time. Premium Processing is available for an additional payment of $1,225. With Premium Processing, the petition processing time is reduced to fifteen days.

What Type of Visa Is Provided For The Dependents Of An L-1B Visa?

Dependents include spouse and unmarried children less than 21 years old. They will be issued an L-2 visa. An L-2 visa is only valid as long as the L-1B visa is active.

Can the Dependents of an L-1B Visa Holder Be Employed?

The spouse of an L-1B visa holder is able to receive general employment authorization. The employment authorization has to be applied for separately by the L-2 visa holder. A child with an L-2 visa is not permitted to work.

How Can A Company Use An L-1 Blanket Petition?

An L-1 Blanket petition enables a company to transfer people to a location in the United States faster and in a shorter span of time. The company doesn’t have to file a separate petition for every employee. The business must have over three locations. They must have ten or more employees during the previous year. The company and sub organizations must have $25 million in combined annual sales.

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