Optional Practical Training (OPT) and Curricular Practical Training (CPT) employees can benefit a company’s workforce by balancing out the company’s reliance on H1-B workers. With the H-1B quota in place, many companies are finding OPT and CPT employees to be a valuable resource. KPPB Law is very capable of initiating all correct documentation of OPT and CPT employers with quick completion times, allowing the daily operations of a business to continue uninterrupted.

KPPB Law also ensures that a correct documentation trail is created. Mr. Patel protects employers by managing an OPT/CPT employees SEVIS records and constructing proper cooperative agreements. By allowing KPPB Law to oversee employment of OPT and CPT workers, employers can rest assured that they are maintaining compliance with state and federal laws.

Without proper and up to date documentation, employers utilizing the abilities of an OPT or CPT worker are made vulnerable to ICE Audits, Civil Penalties, harmed reputations and possible bans from future use of USCIS or DOL immigration services. KPPB Law prevents these unwanted occurrences by going above and beyond, ensuring all OPT and CPT related documentation is done thoroughly and correctly.

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