How to File for an H-4 Visa

There are several documents you must have to apply for an H-4 visa. The consulate will not approve documents that are sent by fax or mail. You must bring all of the required paperwork to your interview. Additionally, it is essential to note that the name that will appear on your H-4 visa will be the one that is on your current passport.

As such, if you wish for a different name to appear on your H-4 visa than the one that is on your passport, you will need to take the steps to change it on your passport prior to applying for your visa. With that said, before your interview, be sure to gather together all of the following necessary documents.

Documents needed for an H-4 visa

  • Current and Old (if applicable) Passports
  • One Passport-Sized Color Photograph
  • Confirmation Page of a Completed DS-160 Form With the CEAC Bar Code
  • Payment of Current Visa Application Fee
  • Your Original Interview Appointment Letter and a Copy
  • The H-1B Visa Holder’s (principal applicant) I-129 Petition Receipt Number
  • A Copy of the H-1B Visa Holder’s I-797 Approval Letter

Secondary Documents

  • Copies of the First, Last and Any Remarks Pages From Your Current Passport
  • A Copy of the Original I-129 Form Filed by the Principal Visa Applicant
  • A Letter From the Principal Applicant’s Employer Stating Your Relationship to the Principal Applicant
  • If Applying Separately, a Copy of the H-1B Holder’s Valid Visa
  • Your Original Marriage Certificate and Wedding Album or Invitation Card(if applicable)
  • Original Birth Certificate
  • If Applying Separately, Copies of all 36 Pages of the H-1B Holder’s Visa
  • Copies of the Principal Applicant’s Current Pay Stubs and Income Tax Return
  • If the Principal Applicant is Already in the U.S., Copies of Pay Stubs for the Past Year, All Income Tax Returns Filed While the Worker Was in the U.S. and Bank Statements for the Past Six Months
  • A Copy of the H-1B Holder’s Work Experience Letter/s

H-4 visa application process

In this section, you will learn about the process that is involved in applying for H-4 dependent visas. In all cases, the H1-B visa holder is the principal applicant. The Spouses of H1-B holders and their children who are under 21 can apply for H-4 visas from the United State’s Consulate in their country of origin.

Family members who wish to apply for an H-4 visa along with their spouses or parents can submit applications at the same time. As stated above, H-4 visa holders are not eligible to work in the U.S. and cannot apply for a Social Security Number. However, they can get a driver’s license, open a bank account and apply for an ITIN number.

About Names

If you are a spouse filing for an H-4 visa, it cannot be stressed enough that you must include the correct name on your application. What this means is that if your name changed after you got married, your passport should show your new name. If it does not, be sure to correct it before your interview.

You will also want to check and make sure that the passport-issuing authorities wrote your name correctly. Ensure that your first and last names are in the proper fields. Additionally, make sure that both names are spelled the right way. If anything is incorrect, you must get it fixed before applying for a visa.

H-4 visa proof of marriage

If you are a spouse trying to obtain an H-4 visa, you must provide sufficient proof that you are married to the H-1B visa holder (principal applicant). Of course, the main way you can prove this is by submitting a copy of your marriage certificate. However, if you have a wedding album, you can submit it as well. Tips for submitting wedding albums are as follows:

  • Make sure that your album has plenty of wedding pictures.
  • There should be several pictures of you with your groom/bride.
  • The pictures must be clear, and it should be easy to identify you and your spouse.
  • Include pictures of such things as marriage rituals, your families and the engagement ceremony.

Double-Check Your Visa

When you receive your visa, double-check it for any mistakes pertaining to your name, your spouse’s name, your date of birth, the validity date and the type of visa. If everything is correct, congratulations! You now have your H-4 visa and can accompany your spouse into the U.S.

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