As a first generation American, Attorney Beeraj Patel understands firsthand through life experience the struggles of all those who are entangled at any stage of the immigration process. He knows how difficult it can be for talented individuals coming from other nations to negotiate through the complicated and even daunting immigration system of the United States. This shared connection aids Beeraj in constantly improving his services as an immigration attorney. It is also this same connection which inspired Beeraj to create the blog featured on This blog is aimed at providing convenient and accurate information on immigration issues ranging from E Visas, H-1B Visas, J Visas, and L Visas – just for starters.

Beeraj Patel’s philosophy is simple – make it easy for talented and ambitious individuals to have access to immigration materials so that they can make the choice which is right for them. This philosophy has been incorporated into Beeraj’s professional immigration law firm, where he promotes an open dialogue and clear communication between attorney and client.


Beeraj’s academic foundation is as reputable as it is practical. He received his B.S. in Economics from the prestigious University of Virginia and then went onto the John Marshall Law School (Chicago), where he ranked #1 in his first year and graduated in the top 10% of the ’98 class overall

Following graduation, Beeraj spent three years working as a project manager in the IT world, which provided valuable experience in the world of IT immigration and business immigration.

Taking his immigration law experience gained in Chicago; Beeraj changed positions, becoming the head counsel and immigration attorney for an IT company located in Northern Virginia. Due to the nature of the business and the high concentration of foreign nationals on staff, he learned the “ins” and “outs” of employment based immigration issues, making him an even more well-rounded immigration attorney.

In 2007, Beeraj founded Nong Dua & Patel as a principal partner. Practicing out of Fairfax City, Beeraj represented both businesses and universities of all sizes, in all their immigration needs. In this role, Beeraj’s talents as a Fairfax immigration attorney developed even further. Through his growing practice, Beeraj gained experience that can’t be bought, successfully working on over 1000 individual H1-B cases and over 500 individual PERM cases. But the breadth of his abilities extends even further, incorporating a substantial amount of J-1, L-1 and E Visas (including EB5 investor visas). Over these years of practice, he has also become more than acquainted with the process of planning an initial PERM application, as well as guiding his clients through the entire Green Card process.

Although he practices immigration law professionally, Beeraj has not forgotten his roots and the hardship his parents had to endure in order to give him the wonderful opportunities he has had in his life. It is these memories which remind him to share his talents – especially with those who are eager and anxious to take a bold new step into their future.

Fairfax Immigration Attorney

Beeraj Patel, Esq. serves a wide array of clientele. With extensive experience setting up business models for hiring foreign nationals, structure response to requests for evidence (RFE), drafting/enforcing employment agreements and even noncompetes on employees who join end clients or direct vendors without authority or notice.

His approach towards practicing immigration law is both meticulous and systematic – always aimed towards generating the best possible outcome for his clients. He applies these well crafted and timed tested skills to the areas of family immigration and business immigration. His experience in the field of immigration law makes him a competent expert and his life experiences make him a genuine advocate. is here to provide some much needed clarity to the topic of immigration law, as well as make you aware of resources you have at your disposal such as the services of Beeraj Patel Esq. and Pride Immigration Law Firm PLLC.



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