Created in 1952, the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) set standards and passed laws for people who wish to enter into the United States. If you are the spouse or child of an L1 visa holder, you can legally enter and live in America with an L2 visa.


L2 Visa Privileges

The L2 visa is for the minor, unmarried children under the age of 21, and the spouse of someone who is in the U.S. on a qualified work visa, known as an L1 visa. The L2 visa is a non-immigrant status that is only valid for the duration of the L1 holder’s visa. When you have an L2 visa, you may work full-time with proper employment authorization, go to school full-time and travel within the U.S. on short trips.

The L2 Application Process

The L2 visa applicant is given the opportunity to apply with the L1 applicant, or at a later date. To apply, you will need to submit the following:

Completed visa application
Copy of the L1 holder’s approval
Original, valid passport
L1 holder’s employment verification letter
Two recent color photographs
Application fee
Insurance fee

It is recommended that everyone in the family applies together and appear at the interview together. The interviewing process is conducted by a consulate officer. During the interview, all applicants will be asked questions to ensure they are immediate family members who are qualified to apply for an L2 visa.

Possible Interview Questions: L2 Visa Application

What visa are you applying for?
Why do you need a visa?
Who made the interview appointment?
Who filled out the application for the interview?
When did your parent or spouse get their visa?
How long has your parent or spouse been in the U.S.?
What are your plans when the visa expires?

Possible Questions About Past Visits or Previously Held Visas

Have you held a previous visa?
Have you ever been rejected for a visa?
Have you visited before?
When was the last time you visited?
How long did you stay?
What type of visa did you enter the U.S. on?
What was the purpose of your previous visits?

Possible Questions for Spouses Filing Separately

Why are you applying separately?
How long has your spouse been in the U.S.?
When did your spouse receive their L1 visa?
Has your spouse’s company filed a green card petition?
How long has your spouse worked for the company?

They may also want to see your spouse’s pay stubs, bank statements and proof of residency.

Possible Questions About the L1 Spouse

What university did they graduate from?
What is the highest educational degree they hold?
When is their birthday?
Where do they work?
How long have they been in the U.S.?
How long have they worked for the employer?

Possible Questions About the L2 Applicant

Do you have friends or relatives in the U.S.?
What is your highest educational level?
Do you plan to work?
Are you going to attend school?
Where do you plan to live?
What do you currently do?
Where do you currently live?

Possible Questions About the Marriage

What is the date of your marriage?
How long have you been married?
Was the marriage arranged?
Where did the marriage take place?
What is your mother-in-law’s name?
What is your father-in-law’s name?
When did your spouse’s parents meet your parents?
The interviewer may ask to see things like your marriage certificate and pictures of the wedding.

Possible Questions If There Are Children

Do you have children?
How many?
What are their ages?
What are their names?
Do they attend school?
Do you intend to send them to school in the U.S.?
Where were they born?
Are they U.S. citizens?
Do they plan to work?
The interviewer may ask to see birth certificates for all the children applying for L2 visas.

Preparation Is The Key To Success

Being prepared for the interview process will help relieve the stress and anxiety of the application procedure. It is important that you know the location of the consulate where the interview will be held. Fill out and file all the appropriate paperwork, such as the DS-160 form, supply the appropriate photographs and make sure to bring original copies of all birth certificates, marriage certificates and other paperwork mentioned above. The application form, DS-160 is an online application that takes roughly 20 to 40 minuets to complete.

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