Many people are familiar with the term K-1 Fiancé Visa. It refers to a visa that allows an individual from a different country to enter the United States and marry an American citizen within 90 days. The K-2 Visa enables people to bring their children with them. People who have children in a foreign country may discover that there are minimal differences when they consider bringing their children over on a K-2 Visa. It can be an easy process. People who are interested in a K-2 Visa are invited to contact KPPB Law. Our immigration lawyers are experienced legal professional who can help you to quickly file and obtain a K-2 Visa with an error-free process


Eligibility for a K-2 Visa

Those who have unmarried children who are under 21 may be eligible for a K-2 Visa and come with you to the United States. The children do not have to be the biological children of the fiancé of the United States. When the K-2 Visa application process refers to “children,” it means natural children, adopted children and any children who were born to you. Children are eligible as long as your home country recognizes them as yours. You are responsible to complying with laws of your home country if the other parent still lives there.

K-2 Visa Application Process

As you look below, you will discover a brief description of the application process. Keep in mind that the steps are actually more complicated than the description demonstrates. Furthermore, if you make errors on the application form, it can have an impact on your case. Finally, the application work that is done should be accomplished with the help of a licensed immigration lawyer.

Initial Filing Requirements

Remember that the K-2 Visa and the K-1 Fiancé Visa applications are similar. When beginning the process, a sponsor, who is a citizen of the United States, needs to include on the Fiancé Visa petition form the names of the children. Here is some important filing information:

  • Children will receive required forms they need to fill out. If you do not receive them, you need to contact your consulate immediately.
  • For younger children, you can sign and fill out the application form. Do not sign their name but yours and include “Parent of (name of child)” afterwards.
  • Just like the K-1 Fiancé Visa, the immigrating parent and their children need to prove that their needs will be met financially.

Proof of Relationship

When a child is coming with the immigrating K-1 parent, there needs to be proof of the relationship. A parent can accomplish this by providing a birth or adoption certificate. In terms of the Fiancé Visa, the same paperwork is needed, and there will be fees for each child that will need to be paid. For situations where the other parent of the children are not leaving the home country, compliance with that country’s custody laws are required. For cases where the children are in an immigrating parent’s custody, a written form of consent from the other parent may be required for the children to leave the home country.

Age Requirement

Children must be under the age of 21 and remain married during the application process up to the day they enter the United States on their K-2 Visa. In situations where a child is having his or her 21st birthday soon, immigration authorities can speed up the application process.

Green Card Application Process

After you have arrived in the United States and become legally married to your spouse, your children who arrived in the country with you are able to apply for a green card like yourself. Each individual needs to complete an application form to change their status within the United States and send it by mail to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). More information is found at:

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