There are always going to be arguments over certain aspects of the immigration system in the United States. It could be safe to assume that certain elements of the narrative of those emigrating to the United State are missing from contemporary discourse. Recently, the American Immigration Council (AIC) has published an information sheet which highlights some significant benefits recent immigration has brought/will bring to the U.S. economy.

According to the study, 41% of those who continue on to higher education are non-resident aliens (2014). This statistic could support that enrolment in higher education is significantly impacted by non-citizens. There is also the possibility of a beneficial “latent-effect” of which there would eventually be a larger pool of educated candidates to add to the workforce.

Professional contributions have already been made by immigrant workers. Individuals who have chosen to pursue their professional career in the United States have yielded some positive results. According to AIC, as many as 87% of manufacturing inventions are created by individuals who have immigrated to the United States. Furthermore, immigrant professionals have greatly enhanced the development and quality of field such as IT, telecommunications, pharmacology are just a few. Previously this year, a study highlighted that immigrants are more likely to open and start businesses than U.S. citizens. Contribution as entrepreneurs and as vital workers in the previously mentioned industries bring immense economic benefits.

As demonstrated by various recent studies, it becomes clear that favoring immigration policies which make it easier for foreign-nationals to continue professional careers and entrepreneurs begin businesses is a logical decision. Looking at and understanding the benefits of immigration can help us all participate in a more reasonable conversation on the matter.

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