A PERM application is a very detail-oriented process and is effected by a wide variety of immigration code. Having a veteran immigration attorney can help employers navigate the complicated process with ease and efficiency.

To ensure the best results for employers and employees alike, KPPB Law offers comprehensive strategic planning of PERM cases. This consists correctly estimating and monitoring the PERM timeline which includes end date and ramp up time.

The Department of Labor (DOL) oversees all PERM applications and is responsible for denying, approving or auditing applications. Mr. Patel provides individualized and meticulous composition of each case which ensures correctly defining the position in the DOL required job advertisements. Framing the position correctly and accurately capturing the positions scope greatly improves the potential employee’s chance of approval.

Employers should be cautious of the fact that currently the required DOL audit rate is at 40%. A correctly framed petition can help avoid audits. However, in the case of random audits, KPPB Law provides experienced assistance in compiling an effective response to DOL. Experience is priceless and Mr. Patel has dealt with all variety of audits.

KPPB Law offers a full-range of services for those seeking to pursue PERM Labor Certification that range from the initial set-up of a case , through processing and finally to its eventual conclusion. Contact us now to receive expert services on PERM Labor Certifications.

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