A Modern System

A goal for President Obama is to have immigration accountability. The legal immigration does need improvement in order for it to work well. Congress has the ability to fix this system and it will be modern and this will boost the economy. Jobs will be created for American workers with a functional business immigration system. Tax revenue will be generated and this will add billions to the GDP. If the immigration system is to be efficient and modern then the president must make some major business fixes through his executive actions. It is possible to make the immigration system modern and efficient by making some changes.

Congress to Pass Immigration Reform

A broken immigration system will need all of congress to pass a bill. President Obama can’t fix the system by himself. The president does have the authority to continue to create jobs for American workers. Americans can be given the needed tools that will ensure that businesses stay globally competitive. The immigration system can be changed for the better however it will take more than just President Obama to make the system modern. It is a team effort.

Employment and the Immigration System

The green card that is used for employment has not been updated for almost a quarter century. The employment-based immigrant system is obsolete with the green card numbers. The president has lead the Department of State to work with U.S. Citizenship to ensure that every visa that is authorized by Congress is actually issued. The president proposed to the Department of State to look at the method that the visa quota system is monitored. The executive actions will direct USICIS to make sure that employment-based immigrants have a greater flexibility for changing employers or jobs. This is to ensure that the visas that are stuck in backlogs are given the opportunity to have options.

Foreign Graduates of U.S. Universities

The foreign students that earn their degrees from U.S. Universities have been allowed to be a part of practical training for approximately 1 year after they graduate. The administration is looking into new ways to grow practical training. There is an emphasis on technology, science, math graduates, and engineers. There will be a closer examination of the training programs to make sure that there is consistency with Labor market protection for U.S. Workers. It is hoped that this will end shortages in the high-tech industry. This would provide more post degree and “hands on” education. This is intended for foreign graduates.

Flexible Legal Immigration Line

The employment-based immigration system is cursed with backlogs and long delays in the current immigration system. It requires immigrants to wait many years to obtain a visa. The idea is that the system is dysfunctional and rigid now. It is hoped that the executive actions will offer some flexibility to this employment-based immigration process.

Enhancing Opportunities

The administration is planning on reviewing the current immigration law and this is intended to enhance opportunities for foreign investors, researchers and founders of start-ups whom would like to conduct development and research, and create jobs for American workers. There is an outline that show 2 possible methods to accomplish this:

  1. The current immigration law does allow certain foreign nationals with advance degrees or extraordinary ability to immigrate and not have employer sponsorship. This is if their work in in “national interest.” This may include an accomplished medical researcher that has developed medical innovations. This could also include an engineer whose inventions have turned into efficient methods. The rules that govern “national interest waiver” are not completely clear. The visa does appear to cost the U.S. excellent foreign talent. The administration will clarify the rules that govern the national category. They will stay focused on economic growth.
  2. The current immigration system does not have many visa options for entrepreneurs. This does limit critical investment and job creation opportunities. This prevents many individuals from focusing on the growth of their company. They may be forced to focus on fighting to stay in the U.S. instead. The current executive actions are directing the immigration agency to focus on “public interest parole provisions of the law. This will attract inventors and keep them. This will also retain founders of start-up companies and researchers. It is intended for those who been given U.S. investor financing or may hold potential of innovation and job creation. This could be done through developing technologies or through superior research. The hope is to allow those promising individuals to pursue development and research of promising ideas along with business in the U.S. instead of going abroad.

A System that Works

These changes hold the goal of obtaining an immigration system that works for everyone. The hope is that with careful review of the current system and new ideas that congress can create an immigration system that is highly efficient and beneficial. This will prove to be valuable because the creation of a functional business immigration system will offer a boost to the economy by adding billions to the GDP, generating tax revenue, along with creating many jobs for American workers. Changing the immigration system for the better may benefit everyone. Change is a good idea. Growth will occur through the changes in the current immigration system. A new and modern system that will offer changes for the good of everyone.

Executive Action

These executive actions are initiatives to prioritize the immigration system. The USCIS and the other agencies are intending to implement the initiatives quickly. Many of these actions will happen within the next few months some will take longer.

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