There is always a chance that you will need to make corrections to your I-94 card at a later date if you don’t spend the time double-checking the information on your form. You need to double-check the category, dates, and any other pertinent information on the form before submitting it. If you notice any inconsistencies or errors, it’s important that you don’t wait to point them out. This is because it can be more difficult to make corrections in the future. It is always recommended that you consult with a legal professional before making any important decisions.

Making I-94 Corrections at POE (Port of Entry)

If you received your I-94 card from an airport or another POE via the CBP (U.S. Customs and Border Protection), USCIS won’t be able to make corrections to it. If the POE receives the I-94 card and it contains errors, you will need to request revisions through CBP in the POE. Airports and other POEs can flag cards for several different types of issues such as incorrect biographical information, period of admission, or admission classification.

In the event that you need to request corrections, you would have to seek out the CBP in the airport in order to facilitate corrections. You would need to do this regardless of how or where you were issued the I-94 card. Ultimately, the revisions can only be truly made once you reach your destination. However, your destination is not likely the POE or airport. In this case, the situation will need to be resolved at a place outside of the POE or airport via appointment. At the time, it is not possible to mail corrections.

Lack of a Set Corrections Process

If you’re looking to make corrections to your I-94 card, you might be surprised to find that there is no official form to do so. In this case, you would gather the current, incorrect I-94 card and proof that the included information on the card is incorrect and bring them to your appointment. For example, you can prove the inaccuracies by comparing your passport with your I-94 card, comparing your visa stamp with your I-94 card, etc. You will not be charged for the corrections to be made.

If the error was made at the time you entered the United States, the CBP will be able to make the proper corrections. However, errors for which the USCIS is responsible cannot be resolved by the CBP.In certain cases, an authorized visit might become restricted. This cannot be resolved without filing for an extension of your visa. In this case, you would need to file Form I-539.

Not Being Able to Present Form I-94

If you were permitted to enter the U.S. and obtained Form I-94, you will now need to submit Form I-102. This is an application for a replacement document.

USCIS Errors

If USCIS made errors on your I-94 card, they are also the only ones who can correct them. Common errors include incorrect name, DOB (date of birth), classification, etc. Furthermore, it’s possible that the USCIS issued the wrong form to you. In this case, you would need to visit a local office of the USCIS to work this out. Keep in mind that you must undergo an InfoPass appointment before making corrections at the USCIS office.

The Appointment Process

At the time of the appointment, you will need to demonstrate which portions of the I-94 card are incorrect. Likewise, you will need to prove, via supporting documents or statements) why these pieces of information are incorrect. If your case is convincing and plausible, the officer at the appointment will give you access to a correct form. No corrections will be made if the officer senses deception, or if there isn’t enough evidence available to support the inaccuracies. If the officer is not willing to make the corrections, you will need to submit Form I-102 to the USCIS. Provide time for this form to be filed. Also, be prepared to pay fees associated with processing.

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