On March 14, the US Department of Justice (DOJ) asked for an immediate stay pending appeal from a Fifth Circuit injunction that has blocked the development of the recent immigration initiatives put into effect by President Barack Obama. The Department of Justice, along with the Obama Administration are mking efforts to ensure that DAPA and DACA are passed into law. This means that potential applicants for DACA and DAPA should be preparing for the possibility of DACA and DAPA to be reopened.

History of Obama Immigration Initiatives

Obama’s executive action immigration would temporarily halt the deportation of millions of undocumented immigrants living in the US. The two most public orders include the DACA and DAPA progress. The original injunction, put into effect by a federal judge in Texas was originally filed against the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

The Department of Justice Fights for Immigration Reform

During cour so far, the Department of Justice said that the injunction halting DACA and DAPA was, “unprecedented and wrong”. The DOJ argues that the constitution should not allow for a federal court to make decisions on immigration that affect the entire country. The DOJ has asked that all states which are in favor of the injunction to respond within 7 days and that the court respond within 14 days.

What Should People Interested in DACA or DAPA Do?

Currently, US immigration law is a controversial topic and there are two sides to the issue. Even though those opposed to DACA and DAPA are trying to stop the two initiatives from becoming law, the Department of Justice, the Obama Administration and millions of individuals across the US continue to fight for the approval of DACA and DAPA. Individuals who could be affected by this decision should speak with an immigration lawyer so that they know their options. Even though DAPA and DACA are pending, being prepared for their approval or, finding out if there are other options is strongly recommended.

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