While the H1B is one of the most popular employment-based visas currently available for skilled entrepreneurs who want to work and live in the United States, gaining approval comes with certain qualifications. The H1B requires a person to be sponsored by a U.S. company. In some instances, the USCIS will also approve H1B petitions that are filed by a U.S. company that is owned by the visa beneficiary. This is known as a self-sponsorship. For H1B visa approval, it must also be proved that a legitimate employer-employee relationship exists between the U.S. company and the beneficiary. Follow these steps on how to get H1B visa sponsorship.

1. Perform a Job Search

As employment is a requirement for an H1B visa, the first thing you will want to do is job hunt. A simple online search using terms like “U.S. companies that sponsor H1B visas” can help you pull up the information you are looking for. You may also discover H1B visa databases that list companies in the U.S. that are currently hiring and are willing to sponsor H1B visas. When searching these databases, filter the results with options like employer name, work state, job title, and wage offered.

2. Apply for Jobs and Wait for Offers

Once you have developed a list of U.S. companies that are willing to offer an H1B visa sponsorship, complete and submit job applications. Take your time when completing each application to help it stand out from the competition. Attach a detailed CV outlining your educational background, qualifications, and previous occupations. Even if you think that you are perfect for a single job, do not settle on just one company. Put in job applications to numerous companies to enhance your chances of receiving a job offer.

3. Find a Good Internship

While not a necessity to find an H1B visa sponsorship, finding an internship can increase your odds of scoring a paying job and can look good on your petition. Of course, this will only be useful if you are already in the U.S. When searching for an internship, look for companies that are willing to sponsor an H1B visa. It can be a good sign to see that a company has sponsored H1B visas in the past. There are numerous ways to find internships with these types of companies. First, perform a search online to see what types of offers are available. You can also find internships at some career events and job fairs.

4. Beware of Fraudulent Sponsorship Offers

While the bulk of companies that are willing to sponsor H1B visas are legitimate, some are less honest. For example, finding a job position with a boutique consulting company can be highly advantageous. However, it can also be challenging and poses certain risks. Today, there are some consulting companies who will offer to sponsor your H1B visa for a price. The problem is that paying for an H1B visa is considered a crime in the U.S., and if you are caught, you could be faced with significant charges.

5. Express Your Unique Qualifications

The last thing you want to do is bomb your job interview by having the same list of skills and qualifications as the three interviewees before you. If you want to receive a job offer and a chance to get an H1B visa sponsorship, you need to show the interviewer your unique qualifications, experience, and education. Remember, once you receive a job offer you can also negotiate the H1B visa. Look for companies that are more likely to sponsor an H1B, such as global consulting companies.

6. Search for a Job at a University

While job hunting, do not forget to look for jobs at a university in the U.S. While this is a great option if you currently have a F1 or H4 visa, it can be useful for anyone in search of an H1B visa sponsorship. Most universities in the U.S. do not have to adhere to H1B cap restrictions which mean that they can offer as many H1B visa sponsorships as they would like. This makes acquiring a job at a U.S. university a viable choice for anyone interested in working for a research or academic institution.

Learn More About H1B Visa Sponsorships

While finding a U.S. organization that is willing to sponsor your H1B visa may sound like a difficult endeavor, it is not as hard as it sounds. There are many companies across all fields that offer amazing employment opportunities for H1B visa holders. However, it can take time and patience to find the right job for you, so it is important to start your research early. For more information about how to get H1B visa sponsorship, contact an immigration attorney at Pride Immigration today!

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