Many voters in the United States are angry that the immigration regulations still haven’t changed. What many people don’t see is the prosperity that immigration can bring. There is growing belief that immigration reform is needed now; unfortunately, with the announcement that this reform is unlikely in this current year, it is going to be difficult for those that believe the reform is essential to the prospects and the continued growth of the United States of America. George Will has recently shared his concern over the issue with a strong and decisive tone.

According to Will, for the U.S. to move forward there is a need for the growth and development of the country to be on the forefront of the minds of the politicians and the ordinary citizens. Those policies that will enable the growth to continue to develop might be seen as forward thinking, but many consider these proposals as too difficult to implement into the current climate. It is with change that reform can take a step closer, but if change is not embraced, in a way that allows it to move forward, then it is impossible for the prosperity of the Country to grow.
George Will is looking for a complete reform of the current system. For him, it is not just about increasing monetary provisions to protect the borders from citizens of neighbouring countries from crossing the divide.

But many feel that the change would not meet the changes needed for the bill to proceed, or even to be implemented. Immigration reform is essential to the prosperity of the U.S., especially for those people that see America as the land opportunity and growth. They are the ones that take forth-new businesses or encourage their children to take positions where they can realise their dreams. Will’s declarations state that immigration reform will allow the growth and prosperity of the country to continue. To him, Immigration reform isn’t about preventing these people access, but to allow control and legalized entry into the country.

Many people have a negative image of illegal immigrants, but these individuals have continued to play an important part in the labour and workforce of the country. Sometimes, in the hope of improving their lives and their future generation’s lives, achieving more than those who have not faced the treacherous decision to move away from family and friends. These are choices where they move forward into the unknown. Many people who have entered the country illegally end up in a better position than the one they left; they move out of necessity and often not one of choice. But, many immigrants that come in legally do so with vision and a passion, which benefits the country and often encourages economic growth by developing businesses which employ others, boosting the local economy.
What is questionable is the position of the reform and the reluctance to push these changes through congress, or the lack of empathy in congress to take forth these changes. This sign of reluctance in politics is exploited winning over those who wish for reform to be enacted.

George will see this political procedure and others as a sign of the lack of experience of the current political bodies that represent the country. They have little knowledge or experience in the area with many only having served short terms in office. This political experience is possibly one of the root causes of the indecisiveness of the political arena. Some would say, “With age comes wisdom” and also knowledge in the political field; it is getting the mix right which will aid the political ability of the country to focus the attention to the right areas of political progression.

What is important for America to realise is the need to focus on the economic growth of the country. If this fails to grow in momentum then those that have failed to implement the changes have harmed the citizenry. Acting now to demand change and to choose reform of the key policies to enable America to move forward as one nation is the key to the future success and growth of the country.

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