The U.S. Census Bureau annually shows information gathered from its American Community Survey. This tool monitors several demographic traits of the U.S. population including – employment, level of income, age and gender, education, ethnicity and languages used. The information gathered is used to paint a brief picture of the landscape of U.S. demographics.

You might be wondering what changes have come about since the last given report. According to the most recent statistics released from Washington, there have been significant changes amongst the more recent waves of immigrants entering the U.S. When compared to last year, an immigration low, levels of new immigrants have increased. The most predominant groups of the new wave are those hailing from China and India.

These new figures will set-off pre-existing notions that immigration from South America, primarily Mexico is currently the highest. In fact, immigration from Mexico has significantly decreased due to drops in certain industries which require a strong immigrant workforce.

When examining the contrast between Mexican and Asian immigrants, certain differences become apparent. Most significant is the difference in skills and education. A large portion of Asian immigrants possess a graduate level or college education thus allowing them to take jobs of a higher skill level.

Findings provided by an article in IndiaWest show some interesting figures pertaining to the Asian immigrant population (Indians Now Third Largest Immigrant Population in U.S.) According to their findings, Indian immigrants are currently the third-largest immigrant group at 1.86 million. In 2011, India was found to be the second most common country of origin of all international students enrolled in U.S. higher education. To expand further upon the Indian immigrant population, in 2012, approximately 66,000 Indian foreign nationals gained U.S. legal permanent residency. Of that figure, approximately 42,000 were naturalized making Indian foreign nationals 6% of new citizens in 2012.

This positive trend in immigration is something that all informed citizens should be monitoring. Pride Immigration Law Firm PLLC will continue to bring these interesting developments to the public in the future.

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