The IT industry requires large amounts of specialty workers to fill its diverse and growing needs, leaving IT companies in a position where they must be able to procure talented individuals under strict deadlines. The industry also requires rapid deployment of resources, which requires proven methods of filing nonimmigrant work visas in a proven way so that inquiries, RFEs and/or risk of denials are greatly minimized. To acquire skilled talent in an efficient manner without legal errors requires experienced legal assistance.

Beeraj Patel Esq. has spent over fifteen years working within the IT world fulfilling roles as both internal and external counsel for various companies. Focusing on immigration law for IT companies gave Mr. Patel invaluable insight into how an attorney needs to satisfy a company’s hiring requirements. Small to medium companies need quick processing of H1B or related work visa applications. The petitions should be submitted in a way to minimize potential inquiries or reisks of denials. Mr. Patel has extensive experience in recognizing the needs of small/medium IT and Consulting companies, understanding technical terminology, and implementing a filing method and system which produces rapid submissions with the greatest chances of approvals. He rejects the “one-size-fits-all” approach of practicing immigration law, and relies instead on a proven method of individualized attention for every unique case. Attention to detail and valuable insight into the IT industry has gained Mr. Patel a proven track record of success.

KPPB Law provides legal services for IT recruiters and employers seeking to recruit affordable talent. More specifically, Mr. Patel has crafted systematic ways to start and manage talent acquisition that both consistently minimizes errors and protect employers from unwanted backlash. This practice includes H1-B petitions, PERM Labor Certifications and Optional Practical Training (OPT)/Curricular Practical Training (CPT).

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