A K1 visa is provided by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to a foreign citizen that is engaged to a U.S. citizen. This provides the recipient with a pathway to a green card (permanent citizenship) in the United States. It is important to closely follow the K1 visa process to ensure there are no setbacks in the process and to increase your chances of obtaining the visa.

What Is The K1 Visa?

A K1 visa, also called a fiancé visa, is a visa granted to foreigners who are engaged to U.S. citizens. The K1 visa allows the recipient to travel to the United States to be with their fiancé, who must be a current U.S. citizen that resides in the United States.

The K1 visa lasts for 90 days, during which time the recipient must get married. The K1 visa process can become rather extensive and often overwhelming. However, the process can be made simpler with careful planning and the help of an immigration lawyer.

A Six-Step Process For The K1 Visa

The purpose of the K1 visa process is to verify and ensure that the recipient is not solely marrying the American citizen to receive a visa and eventual green card in the United States. If you are in love with your significant other and are getting married because of your love for them, then you should feel confident throughout the K1 visa process.

To make the process easier for you and your fiancé, the following is a six-step guide to follow throughout the K1 visa process. However, keep in mind that every applicant may have a unique process, and it is best to work with an immigration lawyer to ensure the process goes smoothly.

Step 1: Get Engaged

The first step is to get engaged with your significant other. You should also collect as much information as you can about your relationship with your significant other. This should include information about how you met, how long you have known each other, etc.

To qualify for the K1 visa program, you must have met in person within the last two years and must provide adequate proof of your relationship. Different types of proof that you can collect include:

  • Time-stamped photos together
  • Photos with your fiancé’s family
  • Receipts from stores and restaurants

You should also get to know your fiancé very well, which is likely already the case. However, reviewing the details of your relationship with your fiancé can help avoid any potential issues during the interview.

Step 2: File Form I-129F

Form I-129F, also called the Petition for Alien Fiancé(e), is the document you file to begin the application process. This is an extensive form that includes questions about you and your fiancé. There is a filing fee that must be included with the application as well.

You should also include all supporting documents that you have gathered in step one. In addition, you must include your proof of citizenship, show that you are legally allowed to marry (i.e., single and not currently married) and provide an “intent to marry” statement.

Step 3: Get The Form Approved

It takes on average six to nine months for the USCIS to process your I-129F form. You can track your application online and will receive an approval notice if your application is accepted. Once you receive your approval notice, then the National Visa Center (NVC) will need to review your Form I-129F, followed by the U.S. Embassy processing the case. Soon after, the recipient can schedule an interview date and time. Be sure to bring all required documents, which include a medical report, passport, and proof of relationship.

Step 4: Get Married

After the K1 visa is approved by the U.S. embassy, the recipient has 90 days to get married. Otherwise, they may have to leave the country. After getting married, the recipient should file for adjustment of status to begin the green card process.

The green card provides permanent U.S. citizenship in the United States. However, the process to ensure the marriage is legitimate may continue for several months after marriage. Given the extent of the K1 visa process, it is best to work with an immigration lawyer to avoid becoming overwhelmed or facing major setbacks in the K1 visa process.

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