Mr. Patel has mastered drafting the legal documents fundamental to IT firms, having drafted thousands of successful documents over a 15 year long career. He offers expert drafting of the following fundamental legal documents:


Master Service Agreement

Used for defining agreement between end-clients and vendors who supply a skilled non-immigrant worker.

Purchase & Work Orders

Defines key aspects of a project including the scope and term of a project. Also used for defining structure of project billing.

Sub-contractor Agreement

Used when there are multiple vendors are involved on a single project.

Non-solicitation, Non-compete & Confidentiality Agreement

Used to protect the trade secrets of a client from being re-used by technicians or consultants who previously worked under the client.

Employer/Employee Agreement

Used for defining scope of employment. Also used for designing arrangements in cases of early termination, breaches of non-immigrant employment, which may result in a need to collect potential liquidated damages.

KPPB Law guarantees a fast turnaround time for drafting of all legal documents, helping businesses continue operation without any interruption and ensuring skilled workers are hired quicker. To read about immigration services KPPB Law offers to IT companies and recruiters, click here (goes to Immigration Services page)

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