For those those with upcoming immigration interviews, there is a new announcement. Individuals with interviews at USCIS offices are now required to submit biographic information in order to confirm their identity. This new measure is put in place as an anti-fraud tool and allows USCIS to confirm an individuals identity with ease. This new measure will being September 9, 2013.

The CIV program is a remnant of the past and was supposed to be implemented in May of 2013. However, its initiation was met with numerous technical difficulties and resulted in a total delay of the program. The new arrival date of September 9, 2013 confirms that these difficulties have been resolved.

The CIV method utilizes a two fingerprint electronic system. In person interviews will require airport-like screening. Following this screening, the individual will be asked to undergo a fingerprint scan as well as have a photo taken for the purpose of authenticating identity.

A plus of this system is that verification should be immediate as scans are connected to the U.S. ports of entry (POEs) also known as the US-VISIT. This security measure is further linked to other border inspection databases. However, there is rumor that these connections have been causing delays at local field offices.

There are exemptions from the new CIV verification system. Individuals who are appearing for InfoPass appointments are not required to undergo the new protocol. Lawyers, translators and other individuals who accompany those attending an immigration interview are also exempt.

It should be noted that although the CIV fingerprint and photography implementation system are new, they do not replace the current fingerprinting requirements for “adjustment-of-status” or “green card” process.
Primarily, the CIV system is aimed at decreasing cases of fraud and it is hoped that it will allow USCIS offices to clearly identify and individuals in question. However, logistically this new system will cause delays for all those anticipating interviews in the immediate future.

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