President Barack Obama’s Executive Order on immigration reform will potentially affect millions. Major reforms to existing systems and specific visas should be reviewed by all potential applicants To learn more about the specific topics of President Obama’s executive action, please visit our pages below:

Keep reading for everything you need to know about Obama’s Executive Order on Immigration Reform before his announcement.


What will the Executive Order do?

As of 11/19/14, the White House has commented that the President’s national immigration reform would provide immediate protection from deportation (via deportation referrals) in addition to temporary work permits to individuals who have entered the country illegally and currently have children who are either citizens or who hold permanent resident status.

Who will be Eligible?

Although comprehensive guidelines have not been officially released, it is widely believed by the professional legal and political communities that the order will directly apply to individuals who have entered the country illegally including:

  1. People who have children who are US citizens
  2. People who have children who are permanent residents

What is the New Cut-Off Date?

Currently, the cutoff date for Obama’s upcoming order is expected to be January 1, 2010 and this new date would apply to individuals who entered illegally before they were 16 years old.

What will be an immediate result of this reform?

Although the long-term results of the reform are not known, an immediate result will be temporary protection from deportation for millions of individuals who were at risk of being deported.

Work Permits

This national immigration reform will most likely provide a type of work permit that would allow individuals who qualify to work legally in the US while using their own names. In addition, these individuals would be permitted to travel within the US (not abroad).

Social Security

Obama’s Executive Order may provide individuals who qualify with a social security number.

Driver’s Licenses

Immigration reform will be enacted at the federal level. It will be the responsibility of each state to determine whether individuals will be permitted to obtain a valid/legal driver’s license.

Immigration Reform does NOT grant permanent status.

The Obama Administration has made it clear that this reform will not provide a pathway to permanent status or citizenship. Individuals who need assistance understanding their status should contact a licensed immigration attorney following the President’s announcement.

We are ready to help

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