President Obama has announced that he intends to delay taking any form of executive action that would affect U.S. immigration. This decision was heavily influenced by the Democratic Party as a whole who feared controversial use of executive power would jeopardize Democratic outcomes in the upcoming November elections.

Initial Announcement of Executive Order

Obama publicly announced this intention to use executive authority this past June and the development of the issue has been closely tracked and reported upon by the media. His decision to stall the use of the highly anticipated announcement has been met negatively by immigration advocates.

Reason for Postpoing Executive Order

Obama has expressed that the reason for such a stark change comes from a realization that due to the wide political divide on the issue, long term success for comprehensive immigration reform is best facilitated by Democratic success in the upcoming elections.

Reaction from the Immigration Community

Apart from negative reactions of key immigration advocates, other immigration rights support groups have publicly voiced disappointment with the president’s postponement. The managing director of United We Dream has stated that the presidents decision is a broken promise to the Latino and immigrant communities.

Obama’s Message to the Public

President Obama affirms that his decision is necessary for sustainable change, noting that allowing more time would produce a better received and more comprehensive immigration reform. The administration insists that reform is on its way following the November elections even stating that the president is sure to enact changes before the close of the year.

Response from the GOP

GOP represnetatives such as House Speaker Boehner and Senator Alexander Tennessee have voiced harsh criticisms calling Obama’s postponement a political move. Republican officials have been quick to take Obama’s decision as an opportunity to change public opinion of the President and bolster support for the GOP.

Moving Forward

This decision was made in the hopes of negotiating many complexities. Outcry from the immigrant community has been harsh and the fallout from Obama’s choice to delay executive action remains to be seen. The upcoming November elections will serve as an effective gauge to how Obama’s decision will alter the political tide.

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