Green Card For Nurses

The following is a list of requirements for registered nurses coming into the United States and looking to apply for Immigrant Visa (Permanent Resident Status). This specifically applies to nurses looking to work in Health care facilities in any occupation except as physicians. Overview Foreign … Read more about Green Card For Nurses

What Is Form I-485?

Aliens already physically present in the U.S. are allowed to immigrate without the need to leave the country in order to apply for an immigrant visa. This process is known as an Adjustment of Status (AOS). The USCIS allows an AOS application to be filed only when an immigrant visa is available … Read more about What Is Form I-485?

What is the Difference Between “Adjustment of Status” and “Consular Processing”?

The final stage of every green card case is when the applicant must choose between consular processing (CP) or an adjustment of status (AOS) on the I-140 form. Consular processing allows applicants to obtain an immigrant visa at a foreign U.S. consulate or embassy, while requesting the adjustment of … Read more about What is the Difference Between “Adjustment of Status” and “Consular Processing”?

Explaining L1 Visa Extensions

This article will help to illustrate the L1 visa extension process for alien workers to maintain employment in the US. There are application instructions, forms for dependents, and how to attain a green card. L1 non-immigrant visas have a life that can be increased for two years at a time until the … Read more about Explaining L1 Visa Extensions

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