For a foreign national to receive a fiancé visa or marriage green card, their spouse (who must be a U.S. citizen) must meet certain financial requirements. In this case, the spouse serves as the sponsor for the visa applicant.

Visa income requirements prove the sponsor has the means to support their spouse and all dependents in the United States. In this review, we’ll discuss the visa income requirements for sponsors in 2023, along with answering frequently asked questions about the topic.

What Are the Minimum Income Requirements for Visa Applicants in 2023?

unrecognizable woman giving her passport to consular officer to make usa travel visa after application approvalThe minimum income requirement for visa applicants in 2023 is 125% of the federal poverty guidelines for most sponsors. Military sponsors need 100% of the federal poverty guidelines to be accepted. The precise number depends on which state the sponsor is a resident in and the number of total dependents.

For sponsors in the 48 contiguous states with no dependents besides themselves and their spouse, the 2023 minimum income requirement is $24,650 (the federal poverty guidelines are $19,720).

The poverty guidelines are higher for Alaska and Hawaii. Each additional household member adds to the poverty guidelines by approximately $6,000. Check with ASPE for precise federal poverty guidelines in 2023.

Visa Income Requirements in the 48 Contiguous U.S. States

The 2023 visa income requirements are the same for all 48 contiguous states. Sponsors must prove income (including assets) that is above 125% of the federal poverty guidelines. However, military sponsors are required to only prove income that is equal to the federal poverty guidelines. The poverty guideline for a two-person household in the 48 contiguous states is $19,720.

Visa Income Requirements in Alaska

The same rules apply for Alaskan sponsors, which is 125% of the federal poverty guidelines for most sponsors and 100% for military sponsors. However, the poverty guideline is higher in Alaska. Specifically, the poverty guideline for a two-person household in Alaska is $24,640.

Visa Income Requirements in Hawaii

Hawaii also has higher poverty guidelines than the 48 contiguous states, although the rate for most sponsors (125%+) and military veterans (100%+) remains the same. The poverty guideline for a two-person household in Hawaii is $22,680.

Visa Income Requirements for Military Sponsors

As discussed, military sponsors must only meet the minimum poverty guideline, whereas non-military sponsors must provide 125% of the federal poverty guideline.

FAQs About Visa Income Requirements for 2023

Here are several questions and answers about visa income requirements for 2023 to help you gain a better understanding.

Who Can Serve as a Sponsor for a Visa Applicant?

You may add additional members to your household as co-sponsors (i.e. parents and siblings), in which case you may use their income to assist with meeting income requirements if you were unable to meet the minimum requirements on your own. For this to apply, the household member must submit an I-864A form.

If the entire household does not meet the minimum income requirements, the sponsor may seek additional financial assistance from a joint sponsor from outside the household. This individual must be willing to accept financial responsibility for the sponsored spouse who is seeking a green card.

They must submit Form I-864 Affidavit of Support. The spouse seeking the green card may also apply for their income as long as they maintain the same source of income once they move to the United States.

What Sources of Income Can I Include?

Your tax returns are the primary starting point for determining your income. Specifically, your “total income” (which is listed on line nine of your tax returns) is included. Your total income includes wages and salaries, retirement benefits, alimonies, child support, and income from other legal sources.

Can I Include Assets as a Substitute for Income?

If the income from the sponsor and co-sponsors (household members and joint sponsors) still does not total the amount necessary to fulfill the visa income requirements, the sponsor may be able to apply assets as a substitute for income. The assets must be liquid and able to be converted to cash.

The total amount of assets must be five times greater than the amount needed to fulfill income requirements. For example, if the applicant is $2,500 short of the income requirement, they must have $12,500 in assets. Assets may include but are not limited to the net value of your home(s), net value of your vehicle(s), and individual stocks.

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