Presidential candidate and real estate giant Donald Trump created a bit of confusion at the CNBC debate when he denied having made criticisms of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, despite the controversial quote under discussion had already been posted on his own campaign’s website.

Trump’s Words On Zuckerberg

CNBC debate moderator Becky Quick raised the issue, asserting to Trump that he had in fact offered harsh words for Zuckerberg, who has publicly advocated for an increase in available H1-B visas, which allow U.S. employers to utilize foreign workers in a defined list of occupations for a specific time period.

Trump quickly spoke up to deny having lodged such a critique, stating his displeasure with the fact that the United States fails to retain foreigners in the workforce once they complete university training here. He stated his support for helping such talented individuals remain in the country so that they can add value to our economy.

Trump’s Confusion

Quick’s confusion was obvious, asking Trump where she might have come across such a statement attributed to him. The fact was that she had seen it on Trump’s own website, as part of his official platform on immigration.

The platform in question argues that Marco Rubio wants to offer legislation designed to triple H1-B visas, something Trump believes would be highly detrimental to minority groups as well as women.

Following a commercial break, Quick came back to the line of questioning about Trump and Zuckerberg, stating that she had unearthed the source of the initial quote. She revealed that she had come across the material on, the website of Trump’s campaign. She reiterated what was included on the site and asked again whether the candidate favored H1-B visas or opposed them.

Job Creation

Trump endeavored to change the topic to one of job creation in a broader sense. He stated that he favored immigrants coming to the U.S. in a legal manner. He said it did not matter whether the legal process was accomplished via work permits, visas or any other method. He stated that he had personally been responsible for the creation of many thousands of jobs during his career thus far and pledged to create millions more as president.

Trump on H-1B Visas

In the past, Trump has opined that H1-B visas tend to harm Americans who could otherwise qualify for high-dollar positions in the technology industry. He is seeking limits on the growth of the program as a piece of his overall immigration approach which would also involve deportation of undocumented immigrants and the creation of a wall at the southern border with Mexico.

Trump ended by stating that with regard to Mark Zuckerberg, if workers are needed in a given sector, that can be addressed, but it has to happen pursuant to the law.

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