On March 28, 2013, in an official communication, USCIS released news that it would be replacing the current G-28, Notice of Entry of Appearance of Attorney or Accredited Representative with a new version.
What implications does this hold for those seeking to begin new cases with USCIS? It means that USCIS will no longer accept the old G-28 form for new cases. Using the old G28 form on a new case after May 26,2013 will result in a denial of a case due to incorrect filing.

Filing the new G-28 Form

There are several ways to make sure filing the new G-28 form goes seamlessly. Any one filing the form can follow some simple steps to avoid careless error. Such as:

• Completing all required fields
• Completing a G-28 for BOTH the applicant and the petitioner
• Completing the form G-29 form for EACH application (if client has multiple forms)

And finally, making sure that the client’s name appears exactly the same as it does on the related benefit form – this is a mistake that far too many people make.

Why do I need a G-28?

Remember, if represented by an attorney, all petitions require an active and accurate G-28 on file. This will allow for your attorney to monitor your case, have access to your case and most importantly, submit any supplemental material (which is essential).


The newly revised G-28 will be implemented by USCIS on May 26, 2013 at which point the old G-28 will no longer be accepted. Don’t lose precious time by filing the wrong forms, processing a G-28 can take weeks, which could make or break a case.

I hope this update has been helpful and best of luck to all of you on your future petitions.

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