When to Request Waivers

The Immigration and Nationality Act’s Section 212 lists a number of justifications for not allowing immigrants to remain in the country. These consist of:

  • Utilizing stowaway techniques or smuggling routes to enter the U.S., abusing a student visa, feigning citizenship, staying in the U.S. illegally, and entering the U.S. illegally
  • Health reasons, such as not having received the necessary vaccinations, having a communicable disease, abusing drugs, or having mental illness that puts others in danger
  • Facing criminal charges or a 5-year prison sentence at home or in the U.S., as well as economic crimes like money laundering
  • Using any form of misrepresentation in a visa application

young mother with child talking to caring black social worker in officeConsult an immigration attorney to learn about waiver alternatives if any of these procedures threaten your status as a permanent resident.

The consular procedure must be followed in order to petition for permanent residency by an immigrant who entered the country unlawfully or overstayed their visa. In order to do this, they must depart the country of the United States and file for a resident visa there.

A person who enters the country illegally must remain outside the country for three to ten years before they are qualified to apply for an immigrant visa. Due to the protracted immigration procedure, such a condition might require them to stay outside of U.S. borders for years.

If the individual has family or loved ones living in the U.S., they will undoubtedly suffer while they are gone. They also have the option to waive the three or ten-year visa ban through immigration waivers.

Immigration Waivers: Different Types

I-601 Waiver

This waiver is available to immigrants who have a relative who would be subject to severe hardship if they were to be removed from the country. Anyone who has a pending application for an immigrant visa, green card, or status of adjustment will benefit from this. There must be sufficient evidence to demonstrate that you have a U.S. citizen who depends on you to prevent serious suffering.

Any inadmissibility resulting from unlawful presence, a criminal conviction, or visa fraud can be overridden by an I-601 waiver. Always seek the advice of an experienced immigration lawyer to learn the inclusions and exclusions relevant to your situation.

I-601A Temporary Waiver

Immigrants may apply for an I-601A waiver if their I-130 petition has been accepted. The 3-year or 10-year bar on the immigrant will be lifted as a result of this waiver, which is intended to absolve them of their illegal presence in the nation. The waiver for immigrants enables the applicant to leave the country in order to complete all requirements of the consular procedure before returning to the U.S.

You do not have to wait for an immigration visa for years. You can file for and obtain the I-601 provisional waiver quickly if you have a reliable immigration lawyer fighting for your rights.

I-212 Waiver

This type of immigration waiver is intended to assist people who are denied entry to the United States because of a criminal conviction or an unauthorized stay abroad. The I-212 waiver is your sole choice if you are facing deportation to your native country and are not permitted to return due to established criminal charges or expulsion proceedings.

The most recommended option for appealing against grounds for inadmissibility is to submit an I-212 waiver application. Nevertheless, the preparation and filing require complicated processes and need the right paperwork, which you are unable to do without the assistance of a knowledgeable immigration lawyer to lead you.

National Interest and Humanitarian Waiver

refugee peopleOn the basis of humanitarian help, one may request an immigration waiver. This is beneficial for those who are refugees, asylum seekers, or are being investigated at home. Additionally, anyone with a degree or occupation that can advance the arts, sciences, or commercial interests of the U.S. may apply for an immigration waiver on the basis of national advantage.

The lengthy list of grounds for ineligibility has a noticeable effect on your chances of being granted permanent U.S. residency. Immigrants may qualify for waivers, but the process is challenging and necessitates the preparation and submission of numerous applications and documentation.

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