The H1B visa is a non-immigrant visa that allows US companies to employ graduate level workers in specialty occupations that require expertise in fields such as in IT, finance, engineering, science, medicine, etc. That said, when applying for an H1B Visa to work in the United States, the first thing you must do is find a company to sponsor you. However, the list of companies that sponsor H1B visas is long, and it can be tedious and frustrating to find one to apply to. To help you with your search, we have compiled a list of the top ten companies that sponsor H1B visas.

Companies That Sponsor H1B Visa Holders


Infosys is the number one ranked company among all visa sponsors. Between 2016 and 2018 they filed 57,685 labor condition applications for H1B visas, and 1893 labor certifications. The top jobs they have sponsored under H1B visas are Technology Lead, Technology Analyst, Consultant, Technology Lead Practitioner, and Systems Engineer.

Infosys H1B contact is Luka Poulton.

Tata Consultancy Services

Next on the list with 41,274 labor condition applications for H1B visas (between 2016 and 2018) is Tata Consultancy Services Limited. They have approved thousands of H1B visas for various jobs including Developer, Developer User Interface, Architect, Analyst, and Engineer.

Tata Consultancy Services’ H1B contact is Amit Jindal.


IBM Corporation filed 32,018 LCAs between 1016 and 2018 and is ranked 4 among all sponsors. They specialize in Computer Systems Design and have approved applications for jobs in these fields: Application Developer, IT Specialist, Managing Consultant, Consultant, Application Programmer.

IBM’s H1B contact is Birgitta Mangs.


Capgemini U.S. LLC specializes in fields such as Management, Scientific, Technical Consulting Services, and Computer Systems Design. They are ranked 3 among visa sponsors. The top jobs they have sponsored visas for include Software Engineer, Programmer/Developer 2, Test Consultant, and Programmer/Developer.

Capgemini’s H1B contact is Denise Tauriello Allison.

Tech Mahindra (Americas)

Ranked 7 among visa sponsors last year, Tech Mahindra (Americas) Inc. is another company that sponsors visas for Computer Systems Design and Related Services. The top jobs they have sponsored H1B visas for were Computer Programmer, Systems Analyst, Software Test Engineer, Computer Systems Analyst, and Solutions Architect.

Tech Mahindra’s H1B contact is Ulpa Shukla.

Deloitte & Touche

Deloitte & Touche represent one of the Economic Sectors, specializing in fields such as Accounting, Tax Preparation, Bookkeeping, Payroll Services, along with Management, Scientific, and Technical Consulting Services. They have sponsored H1B visas for various jobs within those fields.

Deloitte & Touche’s H1B visa contact is Terry Hardesty.


Accenture LLP, ranked 9 among sponsors, specializes in economic industries like technical consulting services, yet they have sponsored visas for computer programmers, analysts, and more computer related fields.

Accenture’s H1B visa contact is Stacy Gonzales.

Ernst & Young

Your contact at Ernst & Young will be Sunday Rubenstein, the Associate Director. Out of the 17,651 LCAs they filed between 2016 and 2018, 198 were denied or withdrawn. This company ranks 12 among all visa sponsors, and primarily looks for applicants in Finance, Accounting, Tax Preparation, Bookkeeping, and Payroll Services.

Ernst & Young’s H1B visa contact is Sunday Rubenstein.


Wipro Limited filed 22,725 labor condition applications between 2016 and 2018, 389 of which were either denied or withdrawn. They rank 8 among other sponsors, and specialize in IT fields involving Lead Engineers, Programmer Analysts, Consultants, Project Managers, and Architects.

Wipro’s H1B contact is Deepali Kamble.


Google Inc. is ranked 10, having filed 16,842 labor condition applications between 2016 and 2018 (699 of which were denied or withdrawn in the same period). They sponsor visas for people in IT and Computer Systems Design fields, like Software Engineer, Product Manager, and Software Engineer.

Google’s Global Mobility Immigration Manager, Adrian Johnson, is their H1B contact.

Speak to Pride Immigration For More Information

We hope this post has provided you with some insight into a few of the best companies who may sponsor your H1B visa. Knowing who is most likely to sponsor you can help make your application process go much smoother, and you save time by contacting the right people and preparing for your interview in advance. Whichever company you choose to apply to, remember that you first need your future employer to file a Labor Condition Application (LCA) on your behalf, before the H1B petition can be submitted to USCIS. Once your LCA is approved, then your employer can apply for H1B sponsorship.

The H1B visa is an employer sponsored petition – therefore, Pride Immigration only works directly with employers. The list we have provided does not guarantee you a position at one of the aforementioned companies. If you and your employer have questions about how to secure an H1B visa, feel free to contact a professional immigration attorney at Pride Immigration for more information.

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