Immigration attorneys can help foreign nationals and their fiancé with the K1 visa application to help ensure a fast and successful process. This review discusses questions you should ask an immigration attorney during the consultation visit and before you file for the K1 visa.

Filing For A K1 Visa: 7 Questions To Ask An Immigration Attorney

You should have two initial goals when asking questions to an immigration attorney about the K1 visa, which is to ensure they are the right lawyer for your case and set up a plan for the application and interview process. The following outlines 7 important questions to ask your immigration attorney so that you can gather all of the information you need to make informed decisions about who is best to help you through the process and to ensure you do not face setbacks with the process.

Do You Have Experience With Family Immigration Law?

You want to ensure you choose an immigration attorney that has experience with family immigration law. Ideally, you also want your law firm to have experience assisting other K1 visa applicants.

Immigration laws can change rapidly, and it is important for your lawyer to be well informed about the modern processes and laws related to the K1 visa and green card processes for those who are engaged to be married to a U.S. citizen.

Have You Handled Cases That Are Similar To Mine?

An immigration lawyer may not be able to provide details about specific clients they have helped with the K1 visa process, but they can talk more generally about their experience handling cases that are similar to yours. This lets you know they understand what the process involves and how to overcome potential roadblocks along the way. The more specific answers the attorney can provide about your case the better.

How Long Have You Practiced Immigration Law?

Experience as an immigration lawyer is important; you as a client do not want to be a “learning mistake” for a lawyer without experience in immigration law. You should ask the immigration attorney you are considering about how long they have practiced immigration law during the consultation.

You can feel confident that a lawyer with experience handling cases similar to yours will understand how to put you in the best position possible to have your application accepted and navigate the courts properly if necessary.

Do Me And My Significant Other Qualify For A K1 Visa?

Once you verify that the immigration attorney you are considering is right for your case, then you can get into more of the details about your specific case. A good first question to ask as it pertains to your case, in particular, is whether or not you qualify for a K1 visa. The requirements you (the applicant) must meet include:

  • Have physically met with the fiancé within the last two years
  • Meet the marriage requirements (age, not currently married, etc.)
  • Have the intention to marry within 90 days upon entering the country
  • The petitioner must be a U.S. citizen

Other requirements may apply as well. If there are any complications that could lead to your application being denied, then the attorney can help you navigate those obstacles.

What Is The Best Strategy For My Case?

Setbacks can occur in the K1 visa process, and an experienced immigration attorney understands how to navigate obstacles. However, it is important to have a strategy as well. During the consultation, you and the immigration attorney you are considering can discuss what steps are involved with the process and what you and your fiancé need to do throughout the process.

Can I Have A Copy Of The Formal Written Contract?

A formal written contract ensures both sides are familiar with the expectations and responsibilities for each party. The attorney will likely have you sign a contract before beginning, and it can help for you to have a copy of the contract as well.

What Are Your Fees?

The contract likely outlines the attorney’s fees. There are different fees that may be required, such as retainer fees, hourly charges, and filing fees. Many immigration attorney offices offer payment plans to make the services more affordable. It is important to understand what costs are due initially and what can be added to the payment plan (if applicable). Keep in mind, filing fees may not be separate from the attorney costs and cannot be added to a payment plan.

Start The K1 Visa Process With A Consultation

Pride Immigration helps foreign nationals and their fiancé who is a U.S. citizen through the K1 visa process. To learn more about the K1 visa and to discuss the specifics of your situation and what we can do to help you through the process, contact our immigration attorneys online today.

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