The EB-5 Visa Cap Dilemma

The EB-5 visa is rapidly becoming more popular, and as a result, many countries that offer these visas are concerned about reaching their cap. The cap is the number of applications that will be accepted within a year and it is specific to each country that is applicable for the visa. Should the cap … Read more about The EB-5 Visa Cap Dilemma

What is an O Visa?

What is an O Visa? An O visa is a non-immigrant work visa for individuals who display an extraordinary level of quality, skill, and/or notoriety in the fields of sciences, arts, education, business, athletics, and film and television. The visa is also applicable to certain assistants and immediate … Read more about What is an O Visa?

What Is the J1 Visa?

When coming to the United States of America for the first time, a foreigner needs to fill out certain forms in order to get the right visas needed to enter the country. The visas vary from person to person, but they each allow them to be in the United States for a certain amount of time. One of … Read more about What Is the J1 Visa?