How To Apply For H-1B Visa

Companies around the U.S. are often looking to hire people who have specialized knowledge or education. They may hire foreign workers to fill those positions when a qualified American worker isn’t available. For example, an engineering firm that is unable to fill an open position for a materials … Read more about How To Apply For H-1B Visa

What Is A Tourist Visa?

Applying for a tourist visa? According to State Department guidelines, foreign citizens seeking to enter the United States must first obtain a visa. Non-immigrant visas are required for a temporary stay, while permanent stays require an immigrant visa. Visitor visas are a type of non-immigrant visa … Read more about What Is A Tourist Visa?

What is a B1 Visa?

B-1 Visa's are for temporary business visitors. These are not permanent visas, so do not apply for one if what you need is a permanent visa. Business activities that make you eligible for a B-1 Visa include the following: Selling an estate Short-term training Negotiating a contract Consulting … Read more about What is a B1 Visa?

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